Fellow teacher recognizes Hamilton County’s Lisa Hill with Golden Apple Award

Reaching every kid in your classroom isn’t always easy…

But at Lookout Valley Elementary School one special teacher is doing just that.

Spend a moment with the well behaved kids in Lisa Hill’s 3rd grade classroom and you realize this teacher has a special bond with her students, "I just love to see them grow."

Ms. Hill has spent more than a decade at Lookout Valley Elementary, first as a teachers aid, now as a certified teacher.

She says helping her kids understand is why she’s here…and at least one parent is taking notice.

Ginny Moore reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "Lisa knows each of her students and strives to meet their needs."

Ms. Moore should know, she’s also a teacher at Lookout Valley.

She says 3rd grade is tough for both teachers and students…but somehow Ms. Hill gets it, "She knows that there’s a lot expected of them, but she also knows they’re just nine."

That goes for Ms. Moore’s daughter Zoe as well.

Zoe says, "She doesn’t really like rush you, she’ll give you time."

Ms. Moore says, "She lets Zoe be Zoe, and that’s really important."

It’s that attention to the individual Ms. Hill strives to give to all her students.

She says when you teach each child on their individual level, everyone gets a chance to succeed, "It’s wonderful when you see that "ah-ha" moment, when they’ve got it, when you see that sparkle in their eye and they go ‘Yes, I’ve got it!’"

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