Female victim speaks out about being held at gunpoint in the North Shore area

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – The victim of an alleged assault that happened in the the heart of the North Shore says she is lucky to be alive.

It happened back on May 2th but the victim told News 12, she’s just now able to talk about it.

She said she still fears for her life so her identity is being withheld.

If anyone thinks violent assaults involving a gun only happen in South or East Chattanooga, think again. the victim in this case was held at gunpoint right in front of her condo near Frazier Avenue. It happened late at night after she got out of SUV and walked toward her home. An armed 16-year old reportedly got out of a vehicle and demanded she fork over everything she had.

“Specifically my keys. My handbag and everything. I told him I would give him everything that I had,” she said.

She also said he asked her to get closer to handover her car keys.

“At that point he put the gun to my forehead and cocked the gun to kill me,” she stated.

But nothing happened. The kid took off in her SUV toward Redbank.

According to the arrest affidavit, police spotted the stolen SUV traveling north on Dayton Blvd where it was pulled over. The 16-year old was immediately arrested and charged with aggravated assault and theft. According to the police, the teen admitted to the crime.

North Shore is not commonly known for gun violence, So News 12 asked residents how safe do they really feel.

“There was one time at night; homeless activity gets strong at night and I get a little uncomfortable but other than that, I feel completely safe,” said Jamie Ann Phillips.

“No don’t hear about it and don’t expect it in an area like this,” said Travis Giles.

“I feel very safe. The news that you just told me makes me think that perhaps I should be a little bit more thoughtful and consider that might be a false sense of security,” said Sara Jackson

Although it was not in the report, police may be looking for at least three other people who may have been involved in the crime.

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