Festival Food With a Twist

This year at Riverbend, there’s a little variation from the standard corndog and funnel cake.

That’s right. If you’re looking to eat healthy, or just want to try some international cuisine, there are some options for you.

Island Noodles is a totally fresh and unique take on festival food.

Owned by a Hawaiian and using authentic Hawaiian recipes, this vendor is a hit at Riverbend.

"As you can see, everything is cut in fresh," said Joel Johnston of Island Noodles. "All of our sauces are made from scratch and we like to offer just a little healthier of an option for everyone out here because not everyone out likes to eat corndogs, pizza and funnel cake."

Island Noodles is a far, far cry from funnel cake so Riverbend doesn’t need to break your diet.

"We cook it with 21 different fresh vegetables," said Johnston. "The guest has the option to put teriyaki chicken on there."

And then across the alley for some more international cuisine is an authentic Irish Pub…on wheels.

Kevin Mcdermott is from Brooklyn, New York and his family-owned McDermott’s Irish Pub is a staple in his hometown.

Now he brings the authentic Irish fair to festivals across the country.

"We have an Irish Dublin that we’re featuring at the Chattanooga Riverbend," said McDermott. "It is fresh cut roast beef. We cook the roast beef here in our ovens, slice it up on our meat slicers. Then it goes into a homemade au jus that we make. Then we take it out of there, place it on a 4 inch kaiser bun, corn meal kaiser, with french fries, handcut with melted cheese. It’s really good."

But don’t worry. The classics like funnel cakes and turkey legs are here to stay.

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