FIFA Foul Play Sends Shockwaves Throughout Soccer World

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-"I will say this after being an employee of US soccer federation I know these people are clean they have never been involved with that, that is not part of their DNA".

Former general manager of the US world cup team, Bill Nuttall now living in the scenic city has played, coached and coordinated soccer tournaments for decades.

"You see the US made a very strong presentation for hosting the world cup, they were not given that, there was a lot of talk as to whether Qatar has paid people off".

An FBI raid on FIFA HQ is showing more than 100 million dollars worth of bribes passed through US banks dating back to the 1990s.

FIFA which claims to be a non-profit has cash reserves totaling 1.3 billion dollars.

Greg Hartley, FA Youth Cup Winner With Manchester City, "It’s a little embarrassing, I think it’s been a long time coming.  Glad someone has actually stepped up to the plate and trying to do something about it."

Hartley, Chattanooga FC’s goalkeeper has a simple solution.

"I feel they need to be people who have actually played soccer, who actually know the game, not just businessmen. You know, people like that. I think there was a player, Luis Figo, who was going to go for the presidency of FIFA and I think we need someone like that who has played in the game, at the top level."

Soccer Coach and UTC grad Gretchen Hammel is concerned that this scandal could leave a bad taste in fan’s mouths.

"This represents human nature at it’s worst, selfishness, selfish ambition".

The FBI believe there are nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives from half a dozen countries now facing criminal charges.

"Their own gain, their dominion, over countries, money, power, prestige, they are devaluing other people’s lives to be less than their own".

Fifa was established 110 years ago and now has more than 200 members.
Fifa President Sepp Blatter refused to step down Thursday and claims he can "restore trust".

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