Final 3 Candidates For Cleveland Police Chief

CLEVELAND,TN, (WDEF)-By October one of those three men hopes to be the new Cleveland Police Chief.

"We want to go out there and make a difference in the community, make a positive difference in the community".

Christol the current Red Bank chief believes he can bring Cleveland forward after controversy after controversy has dogged the department.

"If the community doesn’t trust the department, we are not going to be effective in what we do so going out and building those relationships whether its rebuilding them, creating new ones, or shoring up the ones that already exist’".

He’s competing against the TN Highway Patrol’s Jesse Brooks who has worked in both Chattanooga and Knoxville.

"Integrity is 99.9% of it and you know the interaction with the citizens and the community that they got a great police department, the objection is not always to risk people it is to be seen and assist people ".

However interim Chief Mark Gibson, born and bred in Cleveland wants to retain his job.

"I have experience through patrol, CID, special investigations, administrative expertise and I have been with this department for the past 18 years".

Gibson believes the controversial actions of a few officers in recent years does not represent what he and his team stand for.

"Focus on holding these guys accountable, they need to know what our expectations are for them and know where we stand, this is what we expect from you and accountability comes after".

City Manager Janice Casteel, Lee University officials and a police consultant are all involved in the hiring process.

Final round Interviews will be conducted on September 7th.

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