Finding eclipse glasses becoming more of a challenge

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The eclipse is less than a week away and the search is on to find eclipse glasses. It has quickly become a challenge for both retailers and customers.

Ben Allen, a team leader at Elder’s Ace Hardware on Broad Street, says people have been asking about the glasses.

“Oh yeah – it’s like a line waiting for them,” he says.

The store has had the glasses since June – but in the last 2 weeks demand has sky rocketed.

“The last two weeks for sure. Uh, We’ve probably got about a hundred phone calls a day asking for them and we’ve been out,” Allen says.

Getting eclipse glasses onto store shelves is quickly becoming a challenge.

Allen continues, “Today we got like a hundred fifty and they sold out in an hour.”

Carter Shooting Supply on Highway 58 ordered glasses but they didn’t arrive on time.

Owner Kristi Manning tells us it’s been an adventure getting the glasses in the store.

Her order was supposed to arrive last Friday.

“According to Amazon, last Friday. But I kept checking the tracking number and it showed they had never left,” she says. “We’ve been called and several people have stopped by since Friday trying to get them and I’ve tried to keep everyone posted on Facebook about what’s going on.”

After several phone calls with Amazon, and DHL and contact with the Amazon seller, the glasses were still in Ohio.

“So I called DHL, and they said well they’re waiting to pass through customs,” Manning explains.

She said it was a crazy process.

“About 12 o’clock, DHL showed up in my driveway,” Manning says.

It didn’t take long for the glasses to start flying out the door.

Joe Wiggs came to Carter Shooting Supply as soon as he heard they had them.

“I’ve called Ace Hardware and they’re already out of them. I also looked at – they was sold out of them. So then I heard somebody say that Carter’s had them so I called and they had them! So here I am,” he says.

“If I’d have known it was so hot and everybody wanted them, I would have ordered more – was scared about getting rid of 300 pair. Now I wish I had ordered more!” Manning added.

In fact, it took just 3 hours for Carter’s to sell out of the glasses.


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