Finding New Ways to Social Distance

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Members of the Concord Baptist Church found a way to spend time together while still practicing social distancing.

The group spent the better half of Saturday morning giving their church yard a make over by way of grass cutting, mulching and growing plants.

Pastor David King says being outdoors allows him and his members to be together, “It’s bad timing with the coronavirus. We wanted to start saving some money because we know things are about to get really tight for a lot of people. We just rounded up a lot of men and some of our sons as well and we’re doing the work ourselves.”

Since the church has started virtual services on Sunday’s, It’s one of the few ways they have been able to physically interact with each other.

“We’ve tried to be really careful about social distancing even out here today. There’s not many of us out here. We’re not working side by side. So we’re trying to honor that and care for each other in that way.”


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