Fire victim meets her heroes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – On Tuesday afternoon, Andrea Strickland greeted the two Chattanooga firefighters who saved her life with hugs, thank you’s, and tears.

“Meeting my heroes, like, if it wasn’t for these guys I wouldn’t be here. I’m so grateful,” Strickland said.

Strickland’s family came to also share their appreciation.

“It was just some much joy to just be around these guys. You can feel your energy as I hugged them. Wasn’t nobody but God. Wasn’t nobody but God,” Strickland’s Mother Ardelia Robinson said.

The last time Firefighter George Johnson and Captain Randy Steele saw Strickland was last summer.

In the early morning, they pulled her out of a burning home.

“You don’t become a firefighter to get rich, but this is one of the greatest gifts being able to meet her and her family and get that, that sincere, authentic thank you. It’s the best gift of the world,” Firefighter Johnson said.

“To actually get to meet, to see her in such great shape and see her on the other end of what was terrible, terrible early morning, yeah, you right, it does mean a lot,” Captain Steele said.

Strickland’s road to recovery has not been easy, but she’s been strong.

She was told that she would be at the Vanderbilt Burn Center for 8 weeks.

She was there for around 3.

Since the incident, she’s had to have skin grafts and is still getting cosmetic surgery, but her two heroes, she said, she’ll never forget.

“This is nothing that I can just put behind me. You can’t just sweep it up under the rug. I’ll forever think about these guys, everyday, you know, and I just appreciate,” Strickland said.

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