Firefighter pulls boy from burning home in East Brainerd

A fire in Chattanooga sent one firefighter and two residents to the hospital for treatment.

The firefighter is okay, but there’s no official word on the condition of the child or the adult from the home.

Now, a house that once stood on North Concord road is in ruins.

News 12’s Taylor Bishop has our story.

Chattanooga firefighters worked tirelessly this morning on the scene of a second alarm house fire in the East Brainerd area.

“Basically we’re trying to get you know all the hot spots in the attic and you know get everything put out. That’s exactly what we are doing right now”

Shortly before nine a.m. firefighters, Chattanooga Police, and Hamilton County EMS were all called to a home off North Concord Road.

“The reason for the extra crews is we ended up starting an second alarm, what we call a mayday. He became disoriented inside and that’s the reason they became checked out”

CFD says that firefighter became trapped inside the house , but thankfully he was alright and able to pull a child from the burning house.

“At this point we don’t know much more other than they are at the hospital receiving treatment that they need. That’s all that we know at this time”

The firefighter was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Crews spent over two hours working to get the fire totally extinguished.

The amount of damages and cause of the fire is under investigation.

“As soon as we get it knocked down, investigators will come in and determine the cause and origin of the fire”

In Chattanooga, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now

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