Firefighters hoping to have early access to vaccine

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Firefighters might not be included in the first round of COVID vaccines.

The CDC’s immunization advisory panel voted Tuesday to first give the COVID-19 vaccine to Professions in tier one such as healthcare workers

“We’ve had 45 Firefighters who have contracted the Coronavirus, all that’s going to do is continue to rise,” said President Jack Thompson.

Thompson said firefighters are in tier one but, near the bottom which is where the problem lies.

“Problem comes down to it as we start to lose vaccines and other words were starting to give out vaccines and supplies extremely short now firefighters are at the bottom of the list,” said Thompson.

Thompson said firefighters not getting the vaccine not only puts the firefighters at risk but also the people they serve at risk.

“We’re out there already so it helps protect us but it also helps protect the citizens when we have less of a chance to spread it trying to help somebody out,” said Thompson.

Chief Hyman said the fire department is one of the first lines of defense and this vaccine can act as a first line of defense against the virus.

“A number of steps been taking to get this vaccine out there in a quick form and I think listening to Dr. Fauci and listening to some of the experts talk about the vaccine as a whole, it’s our next step, for protecting our public and protecting our people,” said Hyman.

The fire department stressed the vaccine add an additional level of safety but mask will still be worn.

“One more layer protection that we can help protect first responders our equipment needs will still be there will still be using our PPE appropriately even with the vaccine,” said Hyman.

It is another step in the protection of the firefighter in the city, our PPE, we wear every day or mask or gloves this is just another layer that will help assist us in protecting everybody,” said Thompson.

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