Firefighters Investigating Blaze in Vacant Home

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Fire Department is investigating a fire that happened this morning at the corner of Clio Avenue and East 39th Street. Flames were 15 to 20 feet high when crews arrived on scene.

Firefighters worked to protect neighbors’ houses from damage. It was reported that the home was vacant but neighbors have seen homeless people coming in and out the home. The fire was so extensive that firefighters could not search the house.

Cpt. Chris Cordes with the Chattanooga Fire Department said, “There was very extensive damage. Shortly after we got here, probably about three or four minutes, the roof did collapse. There was no possibility for a search but, it was reported to be a vacant home. So, we’re trusting and hoping that nobody is in there. We did look through the doors and windows, through the back as much as possible, but with the extent of the fire, the possibility of surviving would have been almost none and with collapse eminent we could not go in for a search.”

No firefighters were injured.

[su_gmap width=”700″ height=”700″ address=”Clio Avenue and West 39th Street, Chattanooga, TN” zoom=”15″]

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