Fireworks stores report their shelves may not be full this year

Shortages of certain supplies are nothing new due to the pandemic but this year’s Fourth of July may have a little less light in the sky.

There is currently a firework shortage nationwide due to the pandemic and getting supplies through wholesalers and China.

Keesha Woodard with Dixieland Fireworks says there have been ships waiting to deliver supplies off the coast of California since before last Fourth of July.

She says Dixieland Fireworks has been able to navigate the shortage by working throughout the year through suppliers in China.

“We actually ordered a container load direct from China. It came to weeks ago so we are in great shape we’ve ordered as much fireworks as we could possibly get in as early as we could because we know our wholesalers are going to be out and our goal is to not run out.”

She says as a family owned store it has been easier for them to navigate the shortage.

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