First Distribution Day for Salvation Army Angel Tree Recipients

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Monday was the first distribution day for the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.
Hundreds of families in need came by the distribution warehouse to pick up items donated by people in our viewing area.

Cars lined up  and volunteers rushed out with an assortment of gifts and food for Angel Tree families.

Marketta Florence said while it’s been a few years since she’s received support from the Salvation Army.

She said she and her children are thankful for the community’s generosity.

“I’m grateful to get these gift this year. I haven’t been here in about like three years. So, I got a need and needed to come this year. They’re going to be very excited and very grateful.”

Forty-seven hundred seniors and children, better known as “angels”,  were adopted this holiday season.

That’s something Salvation Army officials said wouldn’t be possible without the continued support from people in our community.

“There’s a lot of folks that are going through a rough times and a lot of folks just needs a hand up. I just had a lady say I prayed and I got a bike. My daughter is going to be so happy. This allows those individuals in the community that are able to just to give back and spend a little bit of time sharing the joy” , said Major Robert Lyle.

One family that continues to give back are Colters.

“I think this is our 4th year. We’re blessed to be able to give back to our community and we just want to teach our children to always give back and to be appreciative and to help those who may need a little helping this Christmas season”, said Melissa Colter.

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