First full-length trailer for “Toy Story 4” released

The first full-length trailer for “Toy Story 4” was unveiled on Tuesday and it shows the gang back together – with some new faces.

The trailer shows Woody on a mission to bring back a rogue toy named “Forky,” and the two run into old friend Bo Peep along the way. Like in past “Toy Story” films, Woody will stop at nothing to return home – or will he?

As the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” plays in the background, some familiar voices bring life to the animated characters in the trailer, which was released the same day as the movie’s poster. Tim Allen returns as Buzz Lightyear, Tom Hanks is Woody and Tony Hale lends his voice to the new character, Forky.

It’s been nine years since fans first saw the tear-inducing ending of “Toy Story 3,” which was a box office smash in the summer of 2010 earning an estimated $226.6 million within its first two weekends. The newest installment in the series is set to premiere on June 21.

Managing editor of Fandango, Erik Davis, predicts “Toy Story 4” will be just as emotional as the previous movie. “You know this movie is going to destroy us all, right?” he tweeted, adding crying emojis.

Other fans agreed that based on the trailer, “Toy Story 4” looks like it tugs at the heartstrings – a classic formula for Pixar.

Disney and Pixar have slowly been releasing details about the upcoming film. In November last year, the “Toy Story 4” Twitter introduced new characters Ducky and Bunny – whose voices fans quickly identified as Keegan-Michael Key’s and Jordan Peele’s.

Ducky and Bunny are projected to be a hit. They already have their own Twitter handle.

Some of the actors in the film have also divulged details on social media. Tony Hale tweeted a photo in January showing his final recording session with Tom Hanks. Actress and comedian Ally Maki also revealed on social media Tuesday that she joined the film as the voice of “Giggle McDimples.”

“Being a part of the Pixar family is even better than I could have ever imagined (so much so that I still believe I’m being Punk’d.)” Maki wrote on Instagram. She called director John Cooley, producer Jonas Rivera and the whole “Toy Story 4” family “geniuses.”

Keanu Reeves and Patricia Arquette have also joined the all-star cast.

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