First “Luther” Scholarship awarded to Central High School’s Philip Bonnington

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – More than seven decades after our own Luther Masingill graduated from Chattanooga’s Central High School…  A proud purple pounder and future broadcaster can go to college, in Luther’s name.
        News12’s Chip Chapman said, "Luther was a very proud supporter of Central High School. And a lot of you have benefited from things that he has done over the years..and you don’t even know it."
        Chapman told Friday’s assembly that Luther helped high school seniors  by the dozens.     
        Katy Burnette works as Central High School’s College Access Adviser.  She said, "If I was talking to a senior I would let them know to not let anything stop them ….We can usually find a way to get  around  any excuse….do not let financial need, family or any obstacle keep you from what you want  to do because you have your whole life ahead of you."
        The first annual Luther scholarship made up part of five million dollars in scholarships given out during the Class Day awards ceremony.  Philip Bonnington has the honor of being the first recipient.
        Bonnington said, "I was really honored ..especially to be the first to achieve this award. Uh, from everything I’ve heard Luther is a pretty amazing guy…not only for Central but the community in general. He’s done a lot of great things and I hope to follow in his footsteps."
        To qualify, seniors need a "B" average, an interest in communications, and good character.
        Additional scholarships awarded Friday include the Central Teacher, E.B. Etter, Robert Kirk Walker, Spirit of Central and many others.
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