First Responder Award: Joe Geddie is a young trooper on the rise in Georgia

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Joe Geddie was destined to be a law enforcement officer.

He fulfilled that dream and today is a valued member of the Georgia State Patrol.

The G-S-P recognized his outstanding work this year and we want to do the same.

Trooper First Class Joseph Geddie is our First responder of the month.

Bill Mitchell has his story:

Joe Geddie has been a Trooper with the Georgia State patrol for 10 years.

In March he received the Georgia State Patrol Outstanding Achievement Award better known as the Trooper of the Year award for the entire state of Georgia.

Trooper Geddie says “I’ve done this since I was 18 years old… right out of high school, I was fortunate enough to get on with the Dade county sheriff’s office.”

“This is just a way of life for me now.”

Working out of Post 41 in Lafayette, Geddie leads Troop A in activity on a daily basis.
Last year he issued almost 2000 citations, about half of them for speeding.

He also took 58 drunk drivers off the road.

But he also has excellent criminal interdiction skills.

Last December his work led to the discovery of something highly unusual..

“Made a routine traffic stop in Dade county. I discovered 3 home-made pipe bombs.. which led to 10 other pipe bombs being located at his residence.”

Two people were arrested and that was the largest seizure of illegal explosives in northwest Georgia history.

For this young officer, it was all in the line of duty.

Those Joe Geddie worked with along the way know his dedication to the job, like Dade County Sheriff, Ray Cross.

“He’s a very strict officer, if you’re breaking the law he will take care of business..but he’s a very good, straight forward officer.”

All law enforcement officers face dangerous threats daily.

Trooper Geddie thinks GSP training is the best in the country. But It’s not a safe job.

“Police officers, when they put a badge on, its a target.”

“Unfortunately, that’s the risk you take when ever you put a badge or any type of police uniform on these days.”

Because of that spirit, and his dedication to law enforcement, we also wanted to honor Trooper First Class Joseph Geddie…by naming him our First Responder of the Month.

JAMES WETTERMARK “At Wettermark Keith, we are so proud of this month’s first responders winner, but we are also proud of the hundreds of other, first responders who are out there working every day and every night to protect us and our families.”

IN North Georgia, Bill Mitchell News 12 now.

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