First Responder Hero Award – Jeremiah Cook

Police Chief David Roddy presents Officer Jeremiah Cook with the department’s top award… Officer of the Year! Out of more than 600 commissioned officers in the department, this one was selected.

Jeriemiah Cook, “Well, I was surprised. A tremendous, tremendous honor to be considered for that. I work with a lot of great men and women that are very dedicated… work very hard.”

Officer Cook has been a Chattanooga police officer for eight years. He’s taken on numerous jobs in that time and has just been promoted into the violent crimes investigations division.

Officer Cook, “There is a small but dangerous element in this society that wants to take whatever they can, whenever they can get away with it and it’s such a privilege to keep the big picture in mind that I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with great men and women… that are kind of standing in the gap between that small, dangerous element and the rest of our society that just wants to go about their daily lives.”

Sgt. Victor Miller, “Some of the things that his fellow officers said about him is he’s always at work. He’s ready to go to work and he’s a field training officer that means that the new officers that are coming into the Chattanooga police department look up to him as a leader and he trains those officers. He’s trained over twenty officers coming into the Chattanooga Police Department.”

James Wettermark, “Well done, Officer Cook. At Wettermark Keith, we’ll be keeping up with your career as a leader at the Chattanooga Police Department. We are happy to name you our First Responder of the month for October.”


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