Our First Responder of the Month is an entire shift of firefighters

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Fire Department has had a busy month working an unrelated string of arsons, and several large fires.

The two most of us will remember are the Rustic Village Apartments fire on Sunflower Lane in June, and the Oakwood Apartments fire on July 16th.

Individual firefighters showed great courage and resourcefulness.

Especially those who work what’s called the Green Shift.

So, tonight, for the first time, we salute an entire fire unit as our First Responder of the Month.

Here’s NEWS 12’S Bill Mitchell.

As we have mentioned in most of our First Responder programs, don’t ever underestimate what well trained public servants can do. Firefighters see scenes like this almost every day and are asked to go into the flames. The Green Shift was on both of the apartment fires.

CHIEF HYMAN  “Sunflower lane was an extremely challenging fire….not only are our firefighters dealing with the heat…we had multiple rescues in that …I know we ended up rescuing about 5 individuals from that fire.”

“The Chattanooga police department jumped in and helped us.”

Multiple people were hurt in that fire, and there was one fatality.

But the Green Shift ..one of three at the fire department was called upon again just a few days later.

CHIEF HYMAN ” AGAIN, same shift, Oakwood is another challenging fire…an apartment fire with multiple buildings in it…and that one was challenging not only because of the Heat, but it was an extended fire that moved up into the attic pretty quick.”

Both of these fires presented a unique situation for these first responders…..and they can be proud of the job they did. They used their training and experience well…to keep a bad situation from getting worse.

We singled out the Green shift..which we are calling the Green team…but they
are part of a much bigger group.

CHIEF PHIL HYMAN “we have 26 fire companies and 25 fire stations and every single one of those do an outstanding job on all three shifts…and every day does not go by without good service.”

The cause of that laze is under investigation.

Tonight, we salute these members of the Chattanooga fire department as our First Responders of the month.

In Chattanooga, Bill Mitchell News 12 Now.

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