First Responder for October is a Fugitive Detective Who Tracked Down A Jail Escapee

There are not many jail breaks in Hamilton county. And when two prisoners broke a window and escaped from the county jail downtown on September 5th, the sheriff turned it over to the Fugitive Detective.

That was Patricia Nolan, who is our First Responder of the Month.

Here’s News 12’s Bill Mitchell.

DET. PATRICIA NOLAN, HCSO  “I was very determined ..Very determined..I wanted him back in our jail.”

It’s the first successful escape from the Hamilton County Jail in more than 15-years, when 25-year old Dustin Lee Adams and 19-year old Dylon Lafollete escaped from the jail.

Lafollete was caught almost immediately, but Adams seemingly disappeared .

Detective Nolan went to work on it.

DET. PATRICIA NOLAN, HCSO  “..cause I’m a fugitive detective, that’s my job. That’s my job, because he’s escaped, he’s on the run, he’s a fugitive…so we go and get him. “

She tracked Adams to Polk county, where he tried to hide along the state line.

DET. PATRICIA NOLAN  “We were out there 12 hours …trying to get exactly to where he was, and he was going back and forth, Georgia, Tennessee, Georgia, Tennessee..chasing him, kind of funny …after a little while..he was caught in Georgia.”

U.S. marshals were there to avoid jurisdictional problems. And Nolan’s hard work paid off.

CHIEF DEPUTY ALLEN BRANUM, HCSO   ” She’s very dedicated, she worked night and day along with the other officers involved in that multi-jurisdiction..and it was a commitment to do what needed to be done..whether it’s a large task or a small task, that’s just what she does..she was very committed to it.”

(NAT) MITCHELL “We recognize the kind of work that you did, so we want top present you with our First Responder of the Month Award, So, Congratulations. NOLAN “Thank you very much”.

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