The deputy who gave his kidney to a fellow officer wins our First Responder Award

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – A Whitfield County Deputy knew when to respond to an emergency, only this one had nothing to do with a 9-1-1 call.

This young man gave a fellow officer the gift of life.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell tells us about Deputy Jeffery Diak, our First Responder Hero of the Month.

Deputies David Headrick and Jeffrey Diak have worked together for years at the Whitfield county sheriff’s office.

When David had to go on dialysis a couple of years ago, he started searching all over the country…and found what he was looking for in the same building–Jeffrey Diak. He had volunteered as a donor.

DEPUTY JEFFREY DIAK, WHITFIELD COUNTY “2017, AND 2018 was kind of a rough year for me, and stuff and this was like the one thing I needed, I wanted to do for him..and it was just the biggest pleasure of getting that phone call.”

In January, both men went to Nashville for the surgery. All went well…both were released a few days later but David has to go back every week for a checkup
DEPUTY DAVID HEADRICK, FROM VANDERBILT HOSPITAL “I’m the lottery winner in this whole deal…I mean, he had everything to lose and nothing to gain, I mean he went from being totally healthy to sacrificing himself..for me.”

SHERIFF SCOTT CHITWOOD, WHITFIELD CO. “He literally saved his life. David had been told if he did not get a new kidney, that he literally was dying.”

It’s not quite over..although David is getting better day by day…they both will have expenses after the surgery and their friends an colleagues are helping…and happy to do it.

SHERIFF  “It was something that everybody here was touched…I mean it’s really an inspiring story.”

You may remember David Headrick from this story we did in 2016..when officer Headrick went looking for a missing elderly man in Dalton…and found him entangled in buses. He saved that man’s life…like Deputy Diak saved him.

DEPUTY DIAK “EVEN now afterwards, it’s still, it’s still hard to take ,…the support and the recognition because I just felt like I had to do something good…it was alike a decision, you know. The same thing like I’m in law enforcement…I’m here to, you know, help the community.

We at News 12 are proud to name Deputy Jeffrey Diak our First Responder Hero of the Month.

JAMES WETTERMARK “First Responders are not just the professionals who save our lives, put out fires, and stop crime,,,they are also our neighbors. Its an honor on behalf of Wettermark and Keith to honor these first responders.”

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