First Responders Week Observed in the Scenic City

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Americans are pausing to honor First Responders this week.

Those EMT’s, firefighters, law enforcement officers, helicopter crews, EMS teams, 9-1-1 dispatchers, doctors and nurses are all a key part of our medical care.

Erlanger Medical Center honored its own First Responders today.

“Yesterday, unfortunately was a testiment to the importance of our EMS globally. One mother of a child who was injured in the blast yesterday told the world on the news, thank God for our first responders in EMS or my child would be dead,” said Rob Brooks.

The deadly explosion in England stressed the importance of well-trained medical personnel. Chattanooga has had its own devastating incidents, like the tragic Woodmore school bus crash last November.

Many of the First Responders who were there—-were honored today.

“Natural disasters, tragic accidents, terrorists attacks. This city asked for none of these events. But respond to them with the traditional Tennessee spirit of volunteerism..introduced to me so long ago, and a skill level that in my opinion sets an international bar of confidence,” said Dr. Lisa Smith.

Dr. Smith then introduced those organizations who were First Responders to the Woodmore bus crash. They included Hamilton county EMS, CHI Memorial, Puckett EMS, Southeast Ambulance, Angel EMS, and Bradley County EMS.

Numerous other individuals and organizations were honored, but the event was dedicated to the memory of Dr. James Creel who died last November.

He was Medical Director of Hamilton County EMS, chief of emergency medicine at Erlanger and the innovator who created many of the programs now in use by First Responders in Hamilton county.

A video was shown in dramatizing his contributions.

“DR. Creel’s legacy will continue to live on through the minds and hearts of those he has trained and mentored throughout the years during his distinguished career,” said Robbie Tester.

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