Five Hamilton County Commissioners take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

(WDEF)  Hamilton County Commission members Chester Bankston, Jim Fields, Joe Graham, Randy Fairbanks and Marty Haynes did their part to help find a cure for ALS.
     The five commissioners took the ice bucket challenge on the Courthouse steps Wednesday.
     Commisioner for Distrcit 1 Randy Fairbanks said,  "I’d like to say they didn’t say this was one of the duties I’d have to go through when I came on the County Commission.  But so be it."  Someone else responded with, "This is not a duty.  It’s a privilege."  Fairbanks added, "It’s a privilege."
     Commissioner for District 3 Marty Haynes said, "Well this is the second time that I’ve done this challenge.  I did one privately for a dear friend who lost her father.  I did pay the $100."
     The five commissioners then challenged the Hamilton County judges, school principals and any other elected officials in Hamilton County who have not yet taken the ice bucket challenge.
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