Flatbed train car donated to Tuscumbia Railway Depot Museum

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (AP) – The Tennessee Valley Authority has donated a rail car to the fleet that adorns the grounds and roundhouse of the Tuscumbia Railway Depot Museum.

The TimesDaily reports that museum officials had gone to the TVA’s Colbert Fossil Plant three years ago to check out an antique locomotive. On that trip, Parks and Recreation Director Joel Kendrick spotted a flatbed car in a field on the TVA property.

Kendrick asked whether they could have that car also.

Earlier this year, the TVA closed the steam plant and donated the flatbed car to the museum.

It arrived last week, after TVA workers gave the railcar a face-lift. TVA workers used a crane to rest it atop a set of tracks in the depot rail yard, accompanied by other train cars.

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