Flooding Causes Major Problems Around Hamilton County

HAMILTON CO., Tn. (WDEF)- More than a dozen roads were closed this morning after heavy rainfall caused flooding in and around Hamilton County.

The stairs at Ross’ Landing are almost covered.

There’s been flooding all over Hamilton County today.

We talked to Hamilton County Emergency Services today.

They key message that they are saying is turn around, Don’t drown it is never a good time to risk you life.

Amy Maxwell from Hamilton County Emergency Services says, ” If you cannot see the road, no matter how deep the water is just turn around and take an extra five minutes of an alternate route.”

A driver decided to take a chance this morning on Sandswitch Road when he became stranded in a heavily flooded area. Hamilton County Emergency Services says that Turn around don’t drown isn’t just for you, it’s for emergency services as well.

Maxwell also says, ” You’re putting other first responders not only at risk for saving an uneccessary call, but, you are also taking them out of their district when we really do have a 9-1-1 call for someone else.”

According to TVA, Tennessee has received 5 inches of rain in some places over the last two days.

This is the equivalent of having one month’s worth of rain in two days.

They have started making adjustments to combat some of the flooding.

Scott Fiedler from TVA says, “Right now TVA, we’re holding water in our tributary dams up in East Tennessee, North Georgia and North Carolina and we’re releasing water across the mainstream dams. We’re using generators at maximum capacity and we’re spilling about 8,000 gallons at Chickamagua.”

Most of the heavy rain has passed.

But Hamilton County is still preparing for gusty winds that may topplle trees.

Maxwell says, ” With the great help that we have with our volunteer fire department and career fire departments. They have their chainsaws ready and as needed to help public works and getting the trees cut down.”

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