Flooding, structural collapse and evacuations caused by Mother Nature

ROSSVILLE, Georgia(WDEF) – Two non-profit organizations suffered a major blow Wednesday morning after Mother Nature partially destroyed a building in downtown Rossville.

Heavy rain and wind caused the bingo building to suffer a significant damage when part of the outer wall and roof collapsed. The damage was considered a major blow to two non-profit organizations that rely on money generated from bingo games.

Rossville Bingo Hall

Rossville Bingo Hall

One of the organizations is FACES, which helps children and adults with craniofacial differences to get to the life changing surgeries they need.

The other organization is ROVER, which helps veterans and their families.

Kim Teems is the Communications & Program Director of FACES. News 12 spoke to her as she took pictures of the damaged building.

“It’s going to hurt FACES. It’s going to hurt Rover which is also a non profit that works here because they have no other income. We have donations coming in but this is a big part of our income to help children get surgeries,” Teems said.

bingo hall

By late Wednesday morning, the Rossville Fire Department condemned the building until an engineer could safely get inside to see if the structure could be saved.

Several miles up the road from downtown Rossville, several building inside Battlewood apartment complex in Fort Oglethorpe had to be evacuated because heavy rain caused a nearby creek to overflow into the complex.

“I came out here and noticed my car was almost under water this car here was under water and we had police at 4:45 banging on our doors; telling us to evacuate,” said Joshua Smith who resides at Battlewood Apartments.

The evacuation was a precautionary measure because flood waters were inching close to electrical outlets. Smith told News 12 he worried about his daughter during the evacuation.

“Firefighters had to carry her to my father up on the other end,” Smith said.

E. Brainerd Rd. Flooding

In Chattanooga, heavy rainfall caused a creek to overflow onto East Brainerd Road. The road was blocked for several hours because water was too high for cars. Motorist who were trying to get from point-A to point-B had to find alternate routes.

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