Florida man reunited with memory card lost in Tennessee River 5 years ago

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A local man reunites a Florida man with hundreds of pictures and videos that had been missing for years.

Chattanooga Cycleboats Founder Nate Wilson was able to track down the man over social media after going through his pictures.

On Sunday, Wilson gave back the memories that were under water for five years.

Wilson begins to explain, “I said I really hope that there’s kids….”

He breaks down, describing the moment he reeled in a camera from his boat.

Inside, he found a working memory card – loaded with pictures and videos of a man’s journeys.

Wilson recalled, “I had my computer and my hard drive stolen, my whole life was on that hard drive and that computer and I was really excited to see if there was actually a family on there.”

The tears quickly turned to smiles when Wilson finally met Alex Mansur, the Florida man who lost the camera and card five years ago.

“Great to finally meet you, yeah,” Wilson says as he met Mansur in person for the first time.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m finally here,” Mansur says.

In Mansur’s hand was their story chronicled in a St. Augustine newspaper.

In Wilson’s hand? The memory card Mansur hadn’t seen in five years.

A conversation reminiscent of a long lost friendship garners a few laughs.

“And the book collection?” asks Wilson.

“Yup, yup still reading, still reading a lot it’s good,” Mansur says.

“I feel like I know you like a brother,” says Wilson.

“I know, I know nothing about you, you saw all my pictures, you were able to ascertain all this information about me through the photos,” says Mansur.

“How’s your asthma?” Wilson asks.

“It’s good; it’s managed. It’s under control,” Mansur answers.

Since linking up Wilson says the two chat every other day – a memory card from the past building a friendship for the present.

Mansur’s cousin in Texas noticed the pictures were of her relative when Wilson posted them to social media.

That’s how the two were able to connect.

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