The folk art of Bill Traylor

Bill Traylor, “Untitled (Man Carrying Dog on Object),” c. 1939-1942. Poster paint and graphite on cardboard. High Museum of Art, Atlanta, purchase with funds from Mrs. Lindsey Hopkins, Jr., Edith G. and Philip A. Rhodes, and the Members Guild © 1994, Bill Traylor Family Trust.

CBS News correspondent Chip Reid asked curator Leslie Umberger, “What do you say to people who say, ‘It looks so simplistic, it looks like a child could do it’?”

“His forms are arguably simple, but that’s also the power of the work,” she replied. “He’s putting down what he needs to, and not very often more than that. He’s coming up with his symbolisms and his ways of distilling the very complicated things around him in a way that’s personal and unique, but absolutely innovative, and his.”

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