Follow-up on Officer Shootings in the Region

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Six days. 7 officers shot. Two deaths in Georgia.

Chattanoogans can identify with that because a police officer was shot and wounded here on December 1st.

How do law enforcement organizations prepare their officers for the realities of life in the 21st century?

The Chattanooga police officer who was shot two weeks, still has not been identified, and his assailant is still not known.

The officers wounds were minor, but he is symptomatic of life on the mean streets these days.

65 law enforcement officers have died across the United States so far this year.

That’s well ahead of last year’s 12-month total for police fatalities.

Sheriff Gary Sisk of Catoosa County stated, “Law enforcement has always had a tough job, any, uh, those threats have always been out there before, but it seems that we have to be even more vigilant now.”

Local departments have increased training because of the increased threats. This device used in Catoosa county prepares them for the unexpected.
But, it’s important to remember cops are human, too.

Sheriff Jim Hammond of Hamilton County said, “Have I seen a uh a lot of concern on the part of officers? Absolutely. Officers are, er, a little more nervous when they go out. Uh, sometimes they sound a little rougher when they’re making sure you show them their hands and cooperate.”

Wouldn’t be best to work in pairs?

“We don’t have the manpower to uh pair people up and put two men per car, but, uh, we’re having to be more vigilant ourselves on any information that we may receive of people that be a threat to law enforcement, ” said Sisk.

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