The Food Sharing Table helps feed hungry kids in Hamilton County Schools

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Hamilton County Schools is on a mission to end hunger and minimize waste just by adding an extra table.

News 12’s Taylor Bishop shows us how the food sharing table program works.


This isn’t your average refrigerator… to some students it’s a meal without the worries.

Student Limber Reynoso tells us “They like milk and fruit and they want to take it home to eat it and be healthy.”

The Food Sharing Table is designed to help students who need a meal before or after school the opportunity to get one for free.

Teacher Stefanie Gonzalez says “I think for a lot of them it installs that feeling of empathy, being able to take care of our neighbors as well and being able to see Chattanooga as a whole.”

“We want to be a place for the community where we are reaching all of them, so a lot of the kids will bring milk home for their siblings and if they have a younger brother or sister who wants some and we say of course you can”

East Lake Elementary is one of 37 schools in the district with a food sharing table.

But the district says there is a constant need for more tables in schools.

Kristen Nauss is the Director of School Nutrition.

” They are quite pricey though the cost about two thousand dollars a piece, so there is only so much we can do every year.”

Since the tables started teachers have seen a decrease in hunger and in waste.

It also gives students a chance to show leadership skills outside of the classroom.

Teacher Gonzalez adds “We really want to be able to nurture them from birth until they leave our system and for them to be ready for college or career readiness. A big part of that is meeting their basic needs which is food.”

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