Food Stamp Office New Location Causes Confusion

 Crystal Durham has been holding signs directing people to the Tennessee Human Services Office’s new location, one she had trouble finding when she needed to get food stamps herself.
The office moved back in May from their MLK Blvd. office.
Many websites still site this as the Human Services address, but all residents will find there is a sign on the door with another address to the East Gate Mall, which Durham says isn’t very helpful.
"I came back out here and couldn’t find it.  It took me like two or three times to find the office and no one out here knew where it was. There’s no sign out here.  They’ve been here since May." Durham said
She says she contacted the commissioners office in Nashville but never got an explanation as to why there wasn’t proper signage.
We left messages with local and state human services officials but haven’t hear back from them.

"It kind of felt like they were trying to make it invisible, so we’re just trying to make it more visible. We want to be here and tell people where it is.  We’ve had several people say you guys know where the food stamps office is, and I tell them.  Because they probably would have gone home and come back and for people that are struggling it’s hard to get out here and look for it."

The address given for the new office is 5600 Brainerd Road.
However a newer brick building has those numbers posted, but is not the right location.
Durham says to look for the beige colored archway in the older part of the mall across from Blackwell Automotive.  There are signs posted inside the building.

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