Former CFC Ball Boy Caleb Cole Now Leading Chattanooga Into the Playoffs

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Caleb Cole spent part of his youth playing club soccer with the Premier Soccer Academy in Chattanooga. Now he’s a member of the city’s premier team, the CFC. Cole and the ‘Boys and Blue’ will need a premier effort Thursday night as they open the playoffs.

The CFC may stand for ‘Caleb Football Cole’ because he has been with the team almost since the beginning as a ball boy.
Said Cole:”Yeah it was special being on the sidelines. It’s so personal there just to be beside the players. It’s just exciting. You do feel like you are part of the game.”
After moving from Chattanooga, Cole eventually went to Gordon College in Massachusetts, where he made quite an impression.
Said Cole:”I know I was the first Gordon player to be an All-American three years in-a-row, so that was really special to do for Gordon.”
In college, Cole worked as a student police dispatcher, which was about as exciting as a police dispatcher in Mayberry.
Said Cole:”Gordon College is actually I think the safest college in the country. So as a student police dispatcher, I actually did not deal with one emergency when I was there.”
Cole has had to work much harder to crack the CFC lineup since becoming a team member in 2015.
Said head coach Bill Elliott:”He was very persistent and hard working through those moments, and his patience has paid off. Now he’s where he wants to be in the starting lineup.”
Said CFC teammate Stephen Ricketts:”He’s very technical on the ball. Very good with his feet. Very smart. That kind of makes up for some of the size that he lacks.”
Said Cole:”I would compare CFC to a pro level. It’s a lot faster. It’s a lot faster than college soccer.”
Now Cole has grown up from a CFC ball boy to a CFC goal scorer.
Said Cole:”And then to score a goal and have the crowd go crazy. It is really a bit of a dream.”

The CFC will host the Georgia Revolution at 7:30pm Thursday at Fort Finley.

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