Former City Treasurer Issues Apology

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The former Chattanooga treasurer who was at the center of a city-hiring controversy has issued an apology to the city.

Tuesday night the City Council voted to end Kate Farmer’s short run.

Shortly after the hiring, it was revealed that Farmer had three lawsuits against her in her former town.

Farmer was placed on administrative leave while the council investigated.

Today, she issued an apology to the community:

Dear Chattanoogans,

Please accept my humble apology for the situation that has followed me to your great community. Some of you may have heard of me from the recent news articles regarding my appointment as your city treasurer. Just as soon as I was confirmed by the city council news broke about lawsuits against me. These are troubling times for us all and I am very sorry to have filled your newspapers with drama and for any doubt that may have been cast by this.

Your city council, Mayor Berke, and his administration had no notification about this situation. I had been thoroughly vetted for this position, a background check was done, but the lawsuits were filed against me after this process took place. The very moment the administration raised concerns about the allegations, I gave them complete and total disclosure. I believe in transparency. Honesty is a core value I do not compromise on. My sincerest apologies to all the city officials for the difficult position they have been placed in. I respect and admire these public officials and I am truly sorry for any harm I have caused. There are a lot of reasons this transpired the way it did but none of them should allow any fault to be directed towards the leaders of your community. 

As the independent investigator has stated these suits are “more-or-less run of the mill wrongful termination cases” and “there should be little concern with her ability to proceed with the duties of treasurer.” Unfortunately, when you hold these positions in leadership it is all too common for former employees to be disgruntled and to seek retribution.

As of now, these allegations have directly led to the loss of my position as your City Treasurer. This is extremely difficult for me and my young family because I am the sole wage earner due to my husband’s medical condition and now we have lost that income, our insurance, and because I voluntarily left my former position we do not even have an option to file for the short term relief that unemployment would provide. In difficult times like these our faith is critical, and I sincerely ask for you all to please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. 

I know in my heart that honesty and truth will triumph and this attempt to sully my name will be defeated. As the city attorney who is most knowledgeable about this situation is quoted in saying I am “a person of high competence and integrity.”

If allowed to continue as your city Treasurer, I will work hard for you, and I will become an incredible asset to your community.

With my sincerest of apologies,

Kate Farmer


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