Former commissioner disappointed in reversal of building mask mandate

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Georgia- As COVID-19 deaths and cases continue to rise the Whitfield County Commissioner’s repealed a mask in county buildings.

“It was just unbelievable to me,” said former Commissioner Chairman Lynn Laughter.

Back on December 17th, the Whitfield County Commissioners made an official recommendation to wear masks and also required masks to be worn inside county owned buildings.

“A simple thing like wearing a mask, if it saves one life, it’s worth it and I don’t understand why people are opposed to doing that,” said Laughter.

Less than a month later that mandate is gone. This was the first commissioners meeting without Laughter. She tried repeatedly to institute a mask mandate when she was chairman.

“I don’t know how any other commissioners can look at any of Roger’s family in the face, since he died with COVID. I don’t understand, Mark’s father died of COVID, just a few weeks ago, so I don’t know how those commissioners can look any of Rogers’s family or any of Mark’s family in the face and not keep at least a recommendation to wear a mask,” said Laughter.

She said it’s a vocal minority that is causing this fight against masks. She said she’s also frustrated by additional steps being taken for the public to be able to watch the commissioner meetings.

“Instead of streaming it live like we’ve always done, you had to go to Facebook to watch it and I don’t use Facebook. I have a campaign Facebook page and personal page but, I never go to it. So I tried to go to it but, couldn’t get the right password so, I didn’t even get to watch the meeting I had to hear about it afterward,” said Laughter.

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