Former Congressman Zach Wamp attacks Washington demonstration

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – An angry Zach Wamp came to our station this afternoon to express his outrage over the demonstration in Washington at the capitol.

We are posting his entire interview.

He talks about the “fraud narrative” and angrily blames President Trump and Tennessee lawmakers for creating the scene today in Washington.

“People can be disgruntled, but you can’t do this… you can’t storm the capitol.. you can’t disrupt civil government and think it’s okay.”

For weeks, he has been criticizing Republicans who have resisted the transfer of power.

This afternoon, he tweeted:

“When elected officials perpetuate conspiracy theories for months and ignore the Constitution and rule of law, they become complicit in the chaos that engulfs our nation’s Capitol. Shameful day and we deserve better.”

“This MUST be the breaking point where we understand the consequences of not accepting the peaceful transfer of power. The Senators and Congressmen who convinced millions the election was rigged are complicit.”
Wamp represented southeast Tennessee in Congress for eight terms, ending only when he chose to run for Governor and lost.
He is now co-chair of the Issue One Reform caucus, which has members of both parties focusing “to fix our broken system” with issues like budget reform.
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