Former Gov. Phil Bredesen addresses Corker, Capitol Hill partisanship

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen visited the Scenic City today, as he spars with Republican Marsha Blackburn for Bob Corker’s senate seat.

Bredesen says it’s odd and very telling to the nation’s political climate that Senator Corker would take heat for being friends and working closely with someone from the opposite party. Bredesen says, if elected, he wants to break the partisan attitudes in Washington and represent all Tennesseans.

“They were asking me about Governor Bredesen. He is my friend, I’m not going to campaign against him but I’m supporting our nominee,” Corker said in an interview with State of the Union.

Current Republican Senator and Former Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker made headlines this weekend, speaking highly of the Democrat running for his senate seat — much to the dislike of many Republicans.

Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen isn’t taking Corker’s endorsement for Republican frontrunner Marsha Blackburn personally.

“He feels the same way I do, which is we’re friends. We don’t want to do anything particularly against him. We all have our obligations within our party and so on, but I respect the way he’s treating it,” Bredesen said.

Bredesen worked closely with Corker to move the Volkswagen plant to Chattanooga — and he says it’s that kind of bipartisan work that needs to be done on Capitol Hill.

“One of the things I want us to do is be a voice for getting out of this partisan gridlock that we have. We can do better than people standing on opposite sides of the room and yelling at each other and throwing bricks at each other,”Bredesen said.

But will the historically red state of Tennessee elect a Democrat Senator?

“I mean anybody who watched me as governor knows that I’m hardly a party animal that way, and there were multiple times I broke with the National Democratic Party as governor and made some people unhappy,” Bredesen said.

We reached out to Marsha Blackburn for reaction. Her press secretary sent a statement reiterating her campaign stance — that Bredesen will just be another vote for Chuck Schumer and Obama-era policies.

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