Former Inmates Earn A Second Chance

The launch of the “Power of Hope Reception” event starts at 5:30 on Thursday, December 5th.

The program involves businesses offering former inmates a second chance to earn an honest living.

The Salvation Army also believe that former inmates deserve a another chance and it’s the reason why they offer what’s called a residential re-entry program.

Federal inmates live at the Salvation Army during their last few months of incarceration.

Director of Communications Kimberly George, says they learn life skills, are given the ability to be employed and are given the opportunity to reconnect with their families:

“The Salvation Army also has a culinary school program. We have had some of our federal inmates enroll in the program and they’ve done quite well. They end up with culinary jobs at the end of their time with us in the school as they are learning. It gives them new jobs and skills to go out in the world to be successful.”

The residential re-entry program has been active for over 40 years.

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