Former Mobile Home Residents Dispute with Property Owners Following the Tornado

OOTLEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF)- Ooltewah residents tells News 12 that they have received unfair treatment following the tornado on Easter Sunday.

Former tenants of the Tall Oaks mobile Home Community is looking to receive what they believe is rightfully theres.

“Your boss threw that out when he told us that we cannot have our deposit” said Jonathan Walton free an argument ensued between him and a maintenance employee from the Tall Oaks Mobile Home.

“That ain’t even closed to what was said but you go ahead with your lies. Go ahead with your lies” said the maintenance worker. “You’ll get yours back just like everybody else in here will.”

Jonathan Walton and Natasha Anderson enjoyed living in the Tall Oak community with their three year old daughter but all of that was taken away after trees plummeted on their home from the Easter Sunday Tornado.

“It dropped the roof through the kitchen area. Tore up the living. It completely destroyed our bedroom” said Jonathan Walton.

Following the storms, they worked to remove their belongs from the home. They began removing the back window out of convenience to pull out their furniture.

“The landlord stopped us and told us that we would be damaging his property” said Walton.

“We were forced to take the furniture out through the front door and our yard was heavily flooded” said Natasha Anderson.

News 12 has reached out to the owner of the Tall Oaks properties and he said that everyone who is set to get their money back will be reimbursed. He did not want to go into the specifics of Jonathan Walton and Natasha Anderson’s situation.

“He said when we confronted him a couple of days ago about getting our deposits and what time frame, he said ‘thanks to you trying to take that window out you will not get your deposit back” said Walton.

Jonathan and Natasha will consider seeking legal aid but they believe this issue is more about common courtesy.

“I think it’s terrible when you have people who have been in a tragedy or natural disaster and then you try to take advantage of them” said Walton.

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