Former Rhea Middle School Teacher Faces Multiple Statutory Rape Charges

DAYTON,TN, (WDEF)-Dayton man Billy Hoffman faces two counts of aggravated statutory by an authority figure and two counts of statutory rape tonight.

It comes after investigators spent weeks gathering information on a sexual relationship between Hoffman and an 8th grade student.
Rocky Potter, Rhea County Sheriff’s Office, "I conducted an interview with the victim and some collateral witnesses at the school, she gave good clear disclosure of what had been happening, also we put it with information that we had been gathering throughout the month of May".

Hoffman came to the attention of Rhea Middle principal Doug Keylon, he reported his suspicions to law enforcement.

"The department of children’s services has an SIU unit whenever a teacher or caretaker is involved they also come up, they did their job in the interviews and we presented out information to district attorney"

Hoffman, a 7th grade teacher was also involved with local basketball and wrestling teams.

"I been doing the child abuse for the county since 2002, nothing comes as a shock to me, we work a lot of cases here".

Hoffman’s bail was set at 50,000 dollars and it was posted just a few hours ago.
Investigators tell us he has also hired a lawyer.

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