Former U.S. Senator Bob Corker to Speak at FreightWaves’ Global Supply Chain Week

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Freight Waves starts their Global Supply Chain Week this Monday. Over a span of eight days, Freight Waves will discuss a variety of subjects including impacts from COVID-19 and recent weather events. Last week’s winter storm across the south delayed numerous truck deliveries of groceries and vaccinations.

“Weather has a really tremendous impact on freight movement on a regular basis. We see it during hurricanes, we see it during flooding, we see it during fires and certainly highlighted with the weather storms in Texas this week. Transportation as an industry in supply chains as a job function are constantly dealing with these disruptions,” says Craig Fuller.

CEO of FreightWaves, Craig Fuller says their company exist to provide information in context and data to help companies better prepare, anticipate, and recover from events of extreme weather to a global pandemic.

“A post COVID world, certainly it’s going to change how people spend their money, how they interact, how they go out for entertainment, but I don’t think it changes how customers buy products, I think e-commerce is here to stay,” says Fuller.

Former U.S. Senator Bob Corker will be a guest speaker for Global Supply Chain week. Bob Corker previously served as Mayor of Chattanooga as well as Tennessee’s Commissioner of Finance.

“Getting his perspective as someone who has been in government at the highest levels of government, and has a private sector background as an entrepreneur, is going to be, I think a really interesting conversation about what’s happening right now in the economy.”

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