Former Varnell councilwoman drops complaint against Police Chief

VARNELL, Georgia (WDEF) – Saying her complaint served its purpose, former Varnell council member Andrea Gordy has dropped a complaint against the city’s police chief.

She had filed it with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, claiming that Lyle Grant and his officers had been following and harassing her.

But the Dalton Daily Citizen reports that detectives could never make contact with her to investigate the claims.

They waited five minutes at her door after seeing a woman inside, but no one came out to talk to them.

Her attorney later informed them that he advised her not to talk to them because it maybe a misunderstanding.

In a later report, she told them “I just wanted it reported and just want it stopped.”

Grant has always denied the allegation.

He told the newspaper “It was a good thing that she followed her attorney’s advice and not pursue it. I hope they pursue a false report on her.

You can read much more on the story in today’s Dalton Daily Citizen.

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