Former Whirlpool Plant in Cleveland being prepped for demolition

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Former Whirlpool Plant in downtown Cleveland is set to be demolished. However, it may take a while.

This old plant is an eye-sore to some, but to others, it is a piece of history. However, it’s demolition is taking one step closer to the revitalization of Downtown Cleveland.

Newly Elected Mayor Kevin Brooks announced last night that the Whirlpool plant is coming down and he is ready to get it done.

The Chamber of commerce is working with Whirlpool to make this happen with the surrounding community in mind.

Whirlpool sent us a statement saying, “Whirlpool is actively working with the City of Cleveland and is in the process of preparing three unusable buildings of the former Whirlpool manufacturing site for demolition. We anticipate that demolition work could begin before the end of the year.”

The plant was about a century old, so there are “I’s” that need to be dotted and “T’s” that need to be crossed before citizens will actually see an empty lot.

The chamber says they will keep us updated and we’ll be sure to pass that along to you… In the studio Amber worthy news 12 Now.

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