Fort Oglethorpe Police Department honors officer

FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. (WDEF) — The Fort Oglethorpe Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own.

Outside of the Fort Oglethorpe Municipal Complex, the flag is at half staff. Inside the police department, officers are wearing mourning bands in honor of Lieutenant Ray Bowman, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer over the weekend.

“He decided to live out his remaining days the best quality of life that he could. Our department has been missing him ever since he had to leave work to begin his battle,” said Chief Mike Helton, with the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

Lieutenant Bowman had nearly forty years of law enforcement experience and worked for more than 18 years at the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

“Ray was a great police officer. He was highly trained and he was someone that could answer just about any question about procedure,” said Captain Gary McConathy, with Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

Officers say, what stood out is how much he cared about his family.

“He was a real family man. A lot of people didn’t know that, unless they knew him away from here. When he was here, you would look at him and think he was such a tough exterior, you would never know what caring individual that he was,” Captain McConathy said.

During hard times officers say they support one another.

“Ray was one of those that was on the back up end just as much as our other staff backed him up through this process. He would have done the same thing for anybody else at this department. It is because that is what we do. It is ingrained in us. It was ingrained in Ray as well,” Chief Helton said.

Officers say Lieutenant Bowman won’t only be missed by them, but by the community as a whole.

“Ray loved his community and he served admirably,” Captain McConathy said.

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