Fort Oglethorpe Residents Support Senator’s Push for Charter Study

Senator Jeff Mullis is calling for the creation of a the City of Fort Oglethorpe Charter Study Committee.

Resident Judy O’Neal says the study is a good idea.

Senator Mullis didn’t return our call today, but his statement says the legislation is a response to hundreds of phone calls, and ‘will prevent the future abuse of power by the mayor and some of the city council members.’

Mullis says committee members will include registered voters, verified city residents and business owners.

O’Neal says as a business owner she’s concerned about issues like taxes and safety.

"When you’re considering that the police department’s all in an upheaval and City Hall’s all in an upheaval and you can’t get answers for things you need, and in our business we need answers," she says.

"He represents us folks in Fort Oglethorpe. He’s my senator and he’s the senator for the 53rd district and he needs to be concerned about it," O’Neal says.

Mullis’s resolution says the termination of the chief of police and public works director, and the forced resignation of City Mananger Ron Goulart have created turmoil among Fort Oglethorpe citizens.

Levi Nicks says residents of the area still want answers.

"It makes it seem like they have their own agenda and they don’t want to have any outsiders or anybody else with their own opinions. They want to make everything their own and push their own ideas and their own principles what they want to get achieved," Nicks says.

O’Neal says she wants the surprising firings to be ‘undone’ with the Charter.

"I certainly hope they re-look at that and readjust some things and make it so everybody can keep their jobs unless they do something they should be dismissed for," she says.

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