Fort Oglethorpe to combine fire services with county

FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. (WDEF) – Catoosa County will be running the City of Fort Oglethorpe’s Fire Department starting next January.

“It’s going to be operated just like it’s been operated this past year,” Fort Oglethorpe Mayor Earl Gray said

City Council Members approved an intergovernmental agreement at their meeting Monday night.

The agreement details how the city is consolidating fire services with the county.

The city currently operates three fire stations.

“Station one will remain fully operational, 24/7, fully staffed as a city of Fort Oglethorpe fire station. Station 10 on Mack Smith Road will be used as a fire training facility moving forward and that’s what we use it for now,”  Fort Oglethorpe City Manager Jenny Simpkins said.

The city also operates Station 8.

Simpkins said that one is owned by the POST Volunteer Fire Department.

“The city really has no control over what happens with station 8 over on Old Mill Road, moving forward. I think the county would be very interested in using that station in operating that station moving forward, but again that’s really a negotiation with Catoosa County and the POST Fire Department,” Simpkins said.

Under the agreement, all city owned equipment will be transferred to the county.

And the city is paying up to $450,000 for a fire engine for the city.

Simpkins said combining services will allow the city to operate efficiently, effectively and will less cost.

“The county benefits from economies of scale. They have more stations. They have more equipment. So they can provide the service for less cost than the city of Fort Oglethorpe can do it,” Simpkins said.

Jobs will be offered to the full-time firefighters.

Simpkins said the pay will be similar but might not be completely equal because Catoosa County’s pay scale is slightly different from the city’s.

News 12 spoke with the fire chief.

He declined to comment at this time.

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