Four Wheeler and ATV Riders Enjoy The Snow In North Georgia

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA, (WDEF)-Mill Creek subdivision is home to some of snowy Catoosa County’s most excited ATV drivers.

Destiny Kittle, ATV Rider,"You don’t have to worry about, well maybe flipping, but not cars its not like the same, you got the breeze blowing through your hair."

Destiny Kittle and Brenna Ridley spent Wednesday’s snow day on four wheels doing donuts and racing.

Brenna Ridley, ATV Rider,"We want down the road earlier to get some gas its really the only way you can get in and out of places right now."

Destiny and Brenna weren’t the only ones scaling hills and spinning on the snow.

One four wheel driver offered me to take me for a ride and I hesitantly accepted.

Michael Arp runs Hero Motorsports and he’s no stranger to putting four wheels into motion whether on a track or in the woods.

His four wheeler unfortunately does not come with its own wipers.

But he put his 10,000 dollar off-roader through its paces with me hanging on for dear life across North Georgia.

"The big difference is a race car is made to go around a corner these buggies you got to make them go round those corners."

 Arp has been around professional crate car racing and involved with Boyd’s Speedway for more than a decade and with two kids says safety should always come first.

"Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt so always go the safe route."

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