Fourth of July celebrations keep local fireworks stores busy

EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (WDEF) – It was the Fourth of July on Wednesday and like other local fireworks stores, Dixieland Fireworks in East Ridge stayed busy.

“We still do good on New Years and stuff like that, but the Fourth of July everybody wants to shoot. I mean it’s the independence of our country, everybody wants to do it,” Luke Privett with Dixieland Fireworks said.

Shoppers strolled the isles.

Some carried baskets loaded down with all kinds of fireworks.

“We all got a sword,” customer Jonathon Connell said of the fireworks he and his friends were buying. “And we decided to split the big stuff. So we’ll split it four ways tonight so were not going broke.”

Privett said sales at Dixieland Fireworks this fourth have been better this year than years prior.

“Of course they were good too, but this year has been especially good,” Privett said.

As far as what kind of fireworks people were buying, Privett said mortars are their top sellers.

“They’re usually anywhere from $7.99 up to 90 bucks for a 20 or a 24 set of artillery shells and then we got several multi shots, you can’t keep them on the shelves. We actually have a new shipment coming in here in about 30 minutes,” Privett said.

According to a National Retail Federation survey, over 216 million Americans planned to observe the fourth.

That number is slightly down from last year.

106 million people planned to celebrate with fireworks or a community festivity.

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