Free Flu Vaccine Drive Thru at Orchard Knob Baptist

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Both the Maclellan and the Benwood Foundations partnered with the Hamilton County Health Department to host free flu vaccine events until mid-December.

Orchard Knob Baptist Church kicked off the first of many drive thru flu vaccine events that will be held at local churches in Hamilton County.

“We’re trying to ensure that the most vulnerable populations know about these opportunities and take advantage of these opportunities” said Bill Ulmer of the Hamilton County Health Department.

Ulmer says the black community is the population with the highest risk of being impacted by both the flu and COVID-19.

Which is why churches like Orchard Knob Baptist, located in a predominantly black community, can be a valuable resource.

“African Americans are at higher risk for chronic diseases, not just in Hamilton COunty but throughout the South.”

Ulmer says the risk presents itself to seniors as well.

“It just makes for a difficult situation. There are greater risk for a more severe illness for not only just covid but the flu also.”

Officials say church leaders from several churches have agreed to continuously host free flu vaccine events until December 19th.

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