Freeze Warning Issued

HIXSON, TN (WDEF) – It was sleeting Tuesday morning in the Tennessee Valley, and by Tuesday night we will be under a freeze warning.

That’s bad news for those people who already got a head start on their garden or flower bed.

Tim Holcomb, with the Holcomb Garden Center, says, "Our last frost average is April 15th, so we’re right on schedule with our last cold snap."

People we spoke with said they couldn’t resist the urge to plant when temperatures hit 80 degrees this past weekend.

Holcomb adds, "People many times want to get the earliest tomato. That’s the big thing to get the first ripe tomato available."

But, now all those people with green thumbs need to take some golden advice.

Holcomb adds, "Cover them with a bucket, cover them with a box, cover them with a freeze cloth or just a blanket because after tonight, it will be OK, you can let them grow and they’ll do very well."

Holcomb says it might not be the best idea to use plastic to protect your plants.

He adds, "The danger of using plastic, if you go to work and you leave it on and the sun comes out tomorrow, it can actually get too hot and cause more damage than the freeze would."

Since your trees and shrubs are too large to cover, Holcomb says just use a good fertilizer on them when it warms up.

Taking these tips to heart could save you more than heartache, they could save you money.

The freeze warning will start at ten Tuesday night and last until ten Wednesday morning.

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