Friday COVID-19 Cases


The state of Georgia is now posting where each of the 65 people who have died so lived.  There was one fatality from Floyd (Rome) and one from Gordon (Calhoun).  None of the cases further north have been fatal, so far.


Bledsoe County Mayor Gregg Ridley confirms that the state tells them they now have their first 2 positive tests. They have declared a state of emergency for both the County and the city of Pikeville.



85,356 Cases, 1,246 deaths.  Georgia now ranks 10th nationally for the number of cases, Tennessee is 15th.


56 Cases, 28 cases in surrounding areas.  There are not many new cases in our area today.


1,203, 3 deaths, 103 hospitalizations

Counties in our area

32 Hamilton (Chattanooga) 2 higher. Today the health department said 15 of their cases are hospitalized. Still 1 official death here.

6  Bradley (Cleveland)  higher

6  Cumberland (Crossville)

3  McMinn (Athens)

3  Franklin (Winchester)

2  Bledsoe (Pikeville) Bledsoe County confirmed their first two cases this afternoon.

2  Marion (Jasper)

2  Monroe (Sweetwater)

1  Grundy (Altamont)

1  Meigs (Decatur)


1643 Cases, 509 Hospitalizations, 56 deaths

Counties in our area

9  Gordon (Calhoun)

6  Whitfield (Dalton)

1  Catoosa (Ringgold)

1  Chattooga (Summerville)

1  Fannin (Blue Ridge)


587 Cases, 3 deaths

Counties in our area

4  Jackson (Scottsboro) higher

1  DeKalb (Fort Payne)

1  Cherokee (Centre)


763 Cases, 77 hospitalizations, 3 deaths

3  Cherokee (Murphy) – plus one case on a cruise ship

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