Friendly Showdown Friday With Walker Valley’s Drew Akins and East Hamilton’s Grant Reynolds

It’s a friendly showdown Friday when East Hamilton visits Walker Valley.
Mustangs head coach Drew Akins and Hurricanes head coach Grant Reynolds
share a high school state title together.
Akins was the quarterback at Boyd Buchanan in the early 2,000’s when the Bucs went to the state title game three straight years.
And Reynolds was the Bucs defensive coordinator.

Said Akins:”Just a great opportunity to see a coach that meant a lot to me and a coach that kind of developed me into the way I coach today.”
Said Reynolds:”We go a long ways back. I just really admire what he has done up there.”
Reporter:”Did he teach at Boyd Buchanan?””
Said Akins:”He taught Bible. I had him for Bible I think three years. Three of the four years that I was there.”
Said Reynolds:”I had him and a bunch of those other knuckleheads in Bible class when I taught over there at Boyd Buchanan. Seventh and eighth grade all the way up through high school I taught him at some point in the class room, as well as coaching him on the field.”
Said Akins:”That’s why it’s so special to have a state championship is because it binds so many people together.”
Said Reynolds:”That’s 15 straight games for three straight years, so we were together a lot throughout the month of November and into December. It created a really good bond for us being on that team.”
Said Akins:”That’s what you see happening at East Hamilton is Grant is showing that he loves, and he cares about those kids. He’s not scared to talk about how much he loves them and cares about them. And when you do that, kids lay it on the line for you. I’m teaching chemistry here. I’ve taught chemistry. I’ve taught physics. I’ve taught intro to physics.”
Said Reynolds:”He’s a smart kid. He has done well for himself.”
Reporter:”Why is he coaching?” (laughter)
Said Reynolds:”I don’t know. (chuckles) I think the coaching is in his blood with his dad (Robert) doing it for so long.”
Said Akins:”When that final whistle blows, I’m going to walk across the field, and I’m going to give him a hug and tell him that I love him. That’s something I really excited to be able to do.”
Reporter:”Is this going to be a fun night do you think?”
Said Reynolds:”Yeah if we win. (laughs) I mean it’s going to be a fun night.You want to win every game no matter who you are playing. I don’t care if my mom is on the sideline, I want to beat’em.”

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